Installing Web Filter Connector and Distributing Automatically

The Hornetsecurity Web Filter Connector can be installed individually or automatically on client systems. Follow the instructions if you want to automatically distribute the software through the group policies of your server environment.

The connector.cfg must be in the same directory as the MSI files. Additionally, you need administrative rights for the installation.

User information

Administrator information

  1. Deposit the appropriate MSI package on the network sharing which is accessible from a target computer.
  2. Place the connector.cfg, which contains the ConnectorID, in the same directory.
  3. The installation is done by "computer". Assign all desired "computer accounts" to an organizational unit (OU) and assign a new or existing Group Policy to it.
  4. Edit the group policy and add the MSI package for the Web Filter Connector under Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Software Settings.
  5. With „gpupdate /force“ you can force the update of the local group policies.
The group policies of remote computers are updated with a start (PC-GPO) or with a login (User name-GPO).