Blocking or Releasing Domains via Deny or Allow List

  1. Open the Web Filter desktop application.
  2. Select the desired domain from the scope selection in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Black/Whitelist in the upper navigation bar.
    Figure 1: Web Filter Allow & Deny Lists
  4. Select the desired list:
    • User Allow List

    • User Deny List

    • Groups Allow List

    • Groups Deny List

    • Global Allow List

    • Global Deny List

  5. Enter the domain to be released or blocked in the field Domain.
    Figure 2: Enter domain
  6. Select the appropriate user or group.
    Figure 3: Select user or group
  7. Click on Add, to add the domain.
    Figure 4: Adding a Domain
  8. Confirm with Save.
    Figure 5: Save entry

The domains were blocked or released by deny list or allow list.