Installing the HTTPS Certificate on Windows

Activate the checking of HTTPS connections in the Web Filter module (see Configuring HTTPS).

  1. Open the Web Filter desktop application.
  2. Select the desired domain from the scope selection in the upper right corner.
  3. Navigate to Management > Web Filter > Settings.
  4. Follow the link under Download HTTPS - Certificate to install the HTTPS certificate and save the certificate locally.
    Figure 1: Download HTTPS certificate


With the automatic installation, the certificate is installed at Intermediate Certification Authorities. However, it has to be installed at "Trusted Root Certification Authorities".

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Select Network and Internet.
    Figure 2: Select Network and Internet
  3. Select Internet Options.
    Figure 3: Select Internet Options
  4. Select the tab Content and click on Certificates.
    Figure 4: Select the certificate
  5. Select the tab Trusted Root Certification Authority.
  6. Click on Trusted Root Certification Authority.
    Figure 5: Trusted Root Certification Authorities

    The certificate import wizard opens.

  7. Select the previously downloaded certificate under File to import.
    Figure 6: Select Web Filter certificate
  8. Select the storage Trusted Root Certification Authority under Certification Storage.
    Figure 7: Select certification storage
  9. Finish the assistant and accept the security warning with Yes.
    Figure 8: Security warning
  10. Close the Internet options with OK.

If you use Firefox, you have to use the integrated certification storage of the browser. For an explanation on how to set up the certificate, see Adding the Certificate to Firefox.