Defining Break Times

In the Web Filter > Configuration > Groups > Break times section of the Web Filter desktop application, you can define break times during which the Web Filter is deactivated for certain groups.

  1. Open the Web Filter desktop application.
  2. Select your primary domain.
  3. Navigate to Management > Web Filter.
  4. Select the tab Break times under the tab Groups.
  5. Select the appropriate group.
    1. Click on Select.
      Figure 1: Open selection menu
    2. Select a group from the list.
      Figure 2: Select group
    3. Click on Apply.
    4. Click on + to add the group.
      Figure 3: Add group

    You have added the group.

    Figure 4: Added group
  6. Click on Add break times.
  7. Adjust the regulators on the timeline so that the desired break time appears in the window underneath.
  8. Select the days to which this break time should apply.

    Repeat step 3 to 5 to add further break times.

  9. Click on Save to apply the defined break times.

The break times have been defined.

Example: Define break times for a certain group

Figure 5: Define break times