Controlling Applications

You can block, allow or temporarily allow the access to the Internet for certain applications such as messengers (e. g., Skype, MSN, ICQ) with the application control of the Web Filter desktop application in the Management > Web Filter > Configuration > Groups > Application Control section.


You can only use this function when the Web Filter Connector is installed (see Web Filter Connector).

  1. Open the Web Filter desktop application.
  2. Select your primary domain.
  3. Navigate to Management > Web Filter.
  4. Select Groups > Application Control.
  5. Select the appropriate group.
    1. Click on Select.
      Figure 1: Open selection menu
    2. Select a group from the list.
      Figure 2: Select group
    3. Click on Apply.
    4. Click on + to add the group.
      Figure 3: Add group

    You have added the group.

    Figure 4: Added group
  6. In the right area of the window. you can select whether the predefined programs should be Allowed, Disabled or just be allowed during Break times for the selected group.
  7. Click on Save to confirm your input.

The applications have been controlled for a group.

Control applications for a certain group

In this screenshot, the application Skype is changed for the group marketing from the setting Like default to Allowed.

Figure 5: Application control