Activating the Web Filter for a Domain

  1. Open the Web Filter desktop application.
  2. Select the desired domain from the scope selection in the upper right corner.
  3. Navigate to Management > Web Filter.
  4. Activate the checkbox Activate Web filter.
    Figure 1: Activate the Web Filter
  5. Enter the email address, which gets Web Filter requests (e.g. requests for releases), in the field Administrator Email.

    If you check the box Email on release requests, requests for releases and corrections from users are sent to the entered administrator's email address.

  6. Select the desired methods for authentication:

    Multiple selection is possible.

    • If you activate the checkbox User-based access, you activate the authentication by the Web Filter Connector or by entering the user address and the password manually.

    • If you activate the checkbox IP address-based access, you allow access to the Web Filter Service for a certain IP address. If an access is made by an authorized IP address, no user authentication is required. However, the Web Filter rules of the group "Default" are applied. Further adjustment of the rights management is not possible in this case.


      You can enter IP addresses with slash notation ( or you can separate several IPs with a semicolon.

    • If you activate the checkbox LDAP authentication, users are authenticated by a directory service (e.g., Active Directory).


      Note that this configuration needs to be adjusted to the installation of a LDAP comparison by the support.

  7. Optional: Check the box Check HTTPS data to be able to check and filter encrypted website calls by the Web Filter.

    In addition to the activation in the Control Panel, you have to install the SSL certificate on all client computers. This is described in the chapter Installing the HTTPS Certificate on Windows.

    The field Download HTTPS-Zertifikat appears in the menu.

    Figure 2: Link to the HTTPs certificate
  8. Optional: Activate the checkbox Select individual email recipient for release request to add a person who can also get release requests besides an administrator. Enter this person in the Groups section.
  9. Confirm the booking of the Web Filter with Save.

The Web Filter has been activated for your selected domain.

Activate the Web Filter for the domain

In this screenshot, all sections for the previous steps are marked.

Figure 3: Activate the Web Filter