Explanation of Settings

DateDisplays the date of your website access. 
TimeSpecifies the time of the access in the format HH:MM by GMT+1. 
User nameThis corresponds to the user that you used to authenticate at the Web Filter. Please note that user details are not available for authentication via IP. 
User is registered in the Control PanelDisplays if the user exits as Web Filter user in the Control Panel. 
User groupDisplays the Web Filter group the user belongs to in the Control Panel. 
You are browsing with the following web filter IPDisplays the IP of the Web Filter. This is the IP with which you are visible from the outside. 
You're arriving at the Web Filter with IPDisplays the source IP that you used to authenticate with the web filter. 
ApplicationDisplays the browser which was used to call the Web Filter Testcenter. 
Computer nameSpecifies the computer name of the user with whom you authenticated to the web filter. This value can only be determined when using the Hornetsecurity Web Filter Connector. 
Authentication method usedThis option specifies how you authenticated to the web filter: User login, Web Filter Connector and IP Authentication. 
Hornetsecurity Web Filter connector versionShows the version of the Web Filter Connector which is installed on your system. 
sAMAccountNameShows the sAM Account Name of the user with whom you authenticate at the Control Panel. 
Hornetsecurity Web Filter Connector IDRepresents the customer ID used in the configuration of the Web Filter Connector. You can check this in the Control Panel.