Including Subsignatures

Use subsignatures to include previously created signatures in a signature.


Subsignatures can only be used in signatures. At least one signature must exist that you can include as a subsignature.

  1. Create a new signature or edit an existing one.
  2. Select the line in the editor, in which you want to insert the subsignature.
  3. Click on Sub-Signatures and select the subsignature from the existing signatures.
    Figure 1: Select a subsignature

    A placeholder is inserted for the subsignature.

    Figure 2: Subsignature placeholder
  4. Click on Save to save the signature with subsignature.
  5. Important:

    In order to use a signature as a subsignature, it must be activated first.

    To activate a signature to use as a subsignature:
    1. Open the edit mode of the signature you want to use as a subsignature.
    2. Toggle the switch to Encryption active.
    Figure 3: Activate subsignatures

    Activated and deactivated signatures are marked in the selection.

    Figure 4: Active signature in the selection
    Figure 5: Inactive signature in the selection

Subsignatures have been included.