Embedding Images for individual mailboxes

Embed an image into the signature of mailboxes.

You have created a mailbox and added it to a group.

As an existing customer, you can embed graphics in the signature of individual mailboxes.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. Select a customer from the scope selection.
  3. Open Customer Settings > Mailboxes.
  4. Click on the menu arrow next to the desired mailbox.

    A menu opens.

  5. Click on Basic info.

    A drop-down menu opens.

  6. Enter the URL of an image in an any unfilled field within the Basic info.
    Figure 1: Enter the URL of an image in Office

  7. Click on Apply changes.

    The last changes are saved.

  8. Navigate to Security Settings > Signature and Disclaimer.
  9. Select the group containing the previously edited mailbox.

    The group is selected.

  10. Click on the plus sign button under the Headline Signature.

    The Signature window opens.

  11. Click on the button Source code in the Signature window.

  12. Note:

    In the attribute


    , enter the name of the basic data field in which you have entered the URL of the image. The following are examples of field names:

    • Department: department
    • Display name: displayname
    • Office: office
    • State: state
    • Fax: fax
    • Country/Region: country
    • City: city
    • Postal code: postalcode
    • Street, number: street
    • Phone (business): telephone
    • Mobile phone: mobile
    To embed images, enter an HTML code snippet according to the following pattern: <img src="[[...]]" width="..." height="..."/>
    Figure 2: Embedding of an image URL from the Office field in the Signature window

  13. Click on OK.

    The Source code window closes and the Signature is displayed.

  14. Optional: Click on the button Preview and select the mailbox whose signature you have edited the last.
    Figure 3: Preview of the new signature

  15. Optional: Click on Close.

    The preview closes.

  16. Enter a name for the signature you have edited in the Signature/Disclaimer name field.
  17. Click on Save.

    The signature is saved.

You have embedded an image in the signature.