Creating Signatures and Disclaimers

Create and activate group-based signatures and disclaimers.

The groups are visible on the left side of the main window. If you have not created any groups for the domain, you can select the group default to assign the same signature or disclaimer to all users.


In the Control Panel, you can create new groups under Customer Settings > Groups. For more information, see the Control Panel manual under Groups.

  1. Under Groups, add a group from the group selection on the left side of the main window.

    If you click on the field Search, a drop-down menu with all created groups is displayed. Additionally, you can search here for defined groups.

    Figure 1: Add a group

  2. Select the added group.
    Figure 2: Select a group

    On the right hand side of the main window, the selection of signatures and disclaimers appears.

  3. Click on the + under Disclaimer or Signature to create a new template.
    Figure 3: Add a new template

  4. Enter a name for the new template.

You can create templates for signatures or disclaimers for both HTML and plain emails at the same time. The templates are created separately.

  1. Select the format for which you want to create the template:
    • HTML

    • Plain


    While editing, you can switch between the formats.

  2. Define the template in the What You See Is What You Get editor (WYSIWYG editor): WYSIWYG Editor
    Figure 4: Define a template in the WYSIWYG editor
  3. Save your template and select it in the main window.
    Figure 5: Select a signature in the main window
  4. In the overview, click on Save to assign the previously selected template to the selected group.

You have created a signature and/or a disclaimer and assigned it to a group.


Signatures and disclaimers are only added to emails which are sent via the relay IP addresses specified under Spam and Malware Protection (see Primary Environment Settings).