Embedding Images Using a URL

  1. When creating or editing a disclaimer or signature in the WYSIWYG editor, click the position where you intend to insert the image.
  2. Within the editor navigate to Insert > Image.

    An input window with further parameters opens.

    Figure 1: Input window for images
  3. Under Source (1), enter the address of the image that is to be representative for your link. Search the internet for the desired image and copy the stored image location.
    Figure 2: Copy the location of the representative image and paste under Source.

    The location of the desired image is stored.

  4. Alternatively, enter a description under Image description (2).
  5. If necessary, adjust the size of the image individually under Dimensions and save your input with Ok.
    Figure 3: Resize the image

    The parameters have been stored and the image is displayed in the editor.

  6. Right-click on the image and select Link to enter a specific URL.
    Figure 4: Link image

    An input window with further parameters opens.

    Figure 5: Enter URL
  7. Enter the destination address of the desired website under URL (4).
  8. Alternatively, enter a text under Title (5) which should be displayed over the image when the mouse hovers over it.
  9. Under Target (6) select New window to open the linked website in a new tab to leave.
  10. Click on Ok and then on Save to save all data.

    If necessary, repeat steps 1-10 if you want to insert several images.

The image was embedded to your signature or disclaimer via an URL.

Figure 6: Assignment of variables with linked images
Figure 7: Preview of a signature with linked images