Description of Functions

Signature and Disclaimer controls the provision of email signatures and disclaimers.

Signature and Disclaimer controls the automated provision of email signatures and disclaimers. The tool dynamically generates user specific signatures, matching the directory service from Microsoft 365 or the Active Directory. The signatures are based on predefined templates and are included automatically after the current text of the email. For this purpose, Active Directory variables (AD variables) are used. These variables are integrated into the signature or disclaimer and retrieve information from the corresponding Active Directory attributes. For mailboxes that have been manually created in the Control Panel and that are neither synchronized with Microsoft 365 nor with LDAP, the AD variables are used to retrieve basic data of the mailbox.

Only Microsoft 365 customers who have the Azure Active Directory and customers who synchronize their users and groups with LDAP from a Microsoft Active Directory can use AD variables. Other directory services are not supported.


Neither signature nor disclaimer can be attached to emails that are sent within a company (internally).