Performing a Login Test via LDAP

You can perform login attempts to the Control Panel with the credentials from your directory service.

The switch Authentication in the Control Panel with LDAP credentials is enabled.

Before enabling the Control Panel login via LDAP or anytime later, you can test the Control Panel login with the credentials of users from your directory service to verify the correct operation of this option.

  1. Navigate to Service Dashboard > LDAP Connection.
  2. Click on Test login below the switch Authentication in the Control Panel with LDAP credentials.

    An input form for login tests opens.

    Figure 1: Testing the LDAP login
  3. Enter the email address of the user you want to check under User.
  4. Enter the password of the user under Password.
  5. Click on Confirm.

    The check is executed and the result is displayed at the bottom of the input form.

  6. Click on Close.

    The input form closes.

A login test has been performed with the credentials of a user from your directory service.