Deactivating the LDAP Connection

You can deactivate your LDAP connection if you do not want to synchronize any users with a directory service.

You have activated the LDAP connection.

If you no longer want to synchronize your users with a directory service, you can deactivate your LDAP connection. The settings will be kept in case you want to reactivate the LDAP connection later.


After the deactivation of the LDAP connection, the user data in the Control Panel will no longer be synchronized with the directory service. Once data in the directory service changes, the set of data in the Control Panel and the set of data in the directory service will differ. For example, passwords in the Control Panel will no longer be automatically renewed, mailboxes of new users from the directory service will not be added to the Control Panel or mailboxes of deleted users will not be deleted from the Control Panel.

However, mailboxes in the Control Panel that have been previously synchronized via LDAP will still be protected by our services.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. From the scope selection, select the domain for which you would like to deactivate the LDAP connection.
  3. Navigate to Service Dashboard > LDAP Connection.
  4. Toggle the switch Activate LDAP connection.

    The settings in the LDAP Connection module are disabled. No further input is possible.

  5. Click on Apply changes in the lower window area.

    Your settings are saved.

The LDAP connection has been deactivated.