Account Details

User name

  • Email: Displays the user's email address, which is also the username.
  • Password: A new password is accepted on re-entering the password and saving the change.
  • License: This displays the user's license. The license cannot be changed here.
  • Language: Either German or English can be selected. This setting determines the language in which emails are sent to the user.
  • Status: This allows a distinction to be made between contract customers and test customers. Another field appears for test customers for the end date of the test phase.
  • Parent/Customer: This function allows the new user to be created / to be allocated to a partner or customer.
  • Licensenumber: Displays the user's license number.
  • Usage: Displays how much memory the user has used and how much is available in total.
  • Traffic: This display provides information on how much traffic volume the user has used this month and how much is available for this month in total.
Figure 1: Account details - Username


This displays the drives created by the user. The following information is displayed: Name of the drive Date of creation Memory Currently used traffic. Volume used this month

The drive is deleted by clicking on the Delete cross in the corresponding row.

Figure 2: Account details - Drive


This displays all the devices on which the user has installed Hornetdrive.

The following information is displayed:

  • Name of the device
  • Created
  • Time of last use
  • Last IP address used
  • Version of the client installed on the device
  • Operating system version

You can delete the device by clicking on the x under Delete.


This device can then no longer be used to access the drives.

Figure 3: Account details - Devices