Configuring Advanced Options

The advanced options allow you to assign a priority to your messages and to demand return receipts.

You are currently editing a message (see Creating Messages).

The advanced options allow you to request return receipts and assign a priority to your messages. In the view for editing messages, there is a button for the advanced options.

Figure 1: Advanced options next to the subject line
  1. On the right of the subject line, click on .

    A drop-down menu with advanced options opens.

  2. Select the desired items from the sections of the menu:
    • Return Receipt: If the recipients agree, you will receive a return receipt as soon as the recipients have opened your message.
    • Priority: Here, you can determine the priority of your message. The available values are Very high, High, Normal, Low and Very low. The message is tagged with a flag, which informs the sender about the priority of the message.

You have configured the advanced options.