Searching for Messages in the Folder Menu

You can search for messages in the folder menu.

The message search in the folder menu offers you advanced search options.

  1. Navigate to Mail.

    The module Mail opens. On the left, the folder menu is displayed.

    Figure 1: Folder menu
  2. Click on next to the desired account or folder.

    The user interface and the search options are the same for accounts and folders. Only the default search scope (account or folder) differs.

    A drop-down menu opens.

  3. In the drop-down menu, select Search.

    Above the message list, a search bar with advanced options is displayed.

    Figure 2: Search bar
  4. Under Add a Criteria, select a criterion for the search.

    The criteria refer to fields of the messages.

    • SUBJECT: The subjects are searched.
    • FROM: The senders are searched.
    • TO: The recipients are searched.
    • CC: The recipients of copies of the messages are searched.
    • BODY: The message texts are searched.

    You can only define search terms for each criterion individually.

    Under the criteria, a search bar appears.

  5. Enter a search term for the selected criterion and confirm your entry with the enter key.

    The combination of criterion and search term is added to the search bar.

    Figure 3: Search term in the search bar
  6. To add more search terms, repeat the previous steps.
  7. Under Search messages in, select the scope of your search. You can search your whole email account or a folder.
  8. Optional: Click on to display the advanced search options. The following options are available:
    • Search subfolders: Not only the selected folder but also its subfolders are searched.
    • Match all of the following: The search terms are linked with a logical AND. Only messages which contain all search terms result in a match.
    • Match any of the following: The search terms are linked with a logical OR. All messages which contain at least one search term result in a match.
  9. Click on .

The messages from the selected email account or folder are searched for the search terms. The search results are displayed in the message list under the search settings.