Requesting a CardDAV Server Address

Request a CardDAV server address to synchronize your address books with other clients.

If you want to obtain write access to your address books from other email clients, and either your client does not support the EAS protocol or the EAS service is not available, you can arrange for your address books to be synchronized with the CardDAV standard. For this purpose, you have to enter the CardDAV server address while setting up the synchronization for the corresponding client (see Synchronizing Address Books and Calendars Manually). You can request it directly from Webmail.

  1. In the upper toolbar, click on .

    The module Address Book opens.

  2. Click on the name of the address book to be synchronized under Address Books.

    An icon for advanced settings appears next to the name of your address book.

  3. Click on the icon next to the name of the desired address book.

    A drop-down menu opens.

  4. Click on Links to this Address Book.

    A window with the CardDAV server address opens.

  5. Copy and keep the address under CardDAV URL.

You have requested the CardDAV server address of a address book.