Enabling Desktop Notifications

You can enable desktop notifications to be informed about new emails by your web browser.

Desktop notifications inform the user about newly received emails as long as Hornet.email Webmail is open in a tab of the browser. The specific implementation of the notifications depends on the web browser.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General.
  2. If the value Manual is selected in the Refresh View drop-down menu, select a different value (for example, Every minute).

    If Manual is selected, new emails are only received once the view is manually refreshed by the user. Thus, desktop notifications cannot be displayed.

    The view is automatically refreshed at the specified frequency.

  3. Tick the Enable Desktop Notifications checkbox.

    Your web browser may display a dialog to allow notifications from Hornet.email Webmail.

  4. Allow notifications from Hornet.email Webmail in your web browser.
  5. Click on .

    Your settings are saved.

  6. Log out of Hornet.email Webmail.

    Your settings are applied. The next time you log in, desktop notifications will be displayed.

Desktop notifications have been enabled.