General Settings

Under Settings > General, you can adjust the display of Webmail.

Under Settings > General, the following settings are available to adjust the display of Webmail:

Table 1. General Settings


Description / Options


Display language of Webmail. You can choose from over 30 different languages and language variants.

Current Time Zone

Your time zone (e.g., UTC). The time zone is used for displaying time information.

Short Date Format

Short display format for calendar data.

Long Date Format

Long display format for calendar data.

Time Format

Display format for times.

Default Module

The module which is displayed immediately after login. You can select either one of the three modules Mail, Calendar, Address Book or the Last used module.

Refresh View

Refresh interval of the view. With a shorter interval, you will receive new emails and calendar changes earlier.

Enable Desktop Notifications Tick this checkbox to receive desktop notifications about new emails in your web browser (see Enabling Desktop Notifications).
Use Gravatar

Activate this checkbox if you want to use a Gravatar.

Alternative Avatar

If you do not have a Gravatar, you can select an alternative avatar that will be displayed if the Use Gravatar checkbox is selected.

Animation Level

Amount of animations for changes and transitions in Webmail. A higher animation level may slow down the page. The available animation levels are Normal, Limited and None.