General Email Settings

Under Settings > Mail > GENERAL, you can adjust general settings related to the Mail module.

Under Settings > Mail > GENERAL, you can adjust the following general settings related to the Mail module.

Table 1. General Email Settings



Show subscribed mailboxes only

Only the folders subscribed by the user are displayed in the Mail module.

Synchronize only default mail folders (EAS)

Only the default folders are synchronized in the Mail module.

Fetch count of unseen messages for all mailboxes

By default, a counter is displayed not only next to the inbox folder, but next to each folder.

Sort messages by threads

If the checkbox is activated, messages are sorted by topic.

Always open mail composer

You can specify where the email composer is displayed. Possible values: Inside a current window, In a popup window.

When sending mail, add unknown recipients to my

You can specify where unknown recipients of your emails are added to by default.

Forward messages

You can specify how messages are forwarded. Possible values: Inline, Als Attachment.

When replying to a message

You can specify where in a reply message the reply begins. Possible values: Start my reply below the quote, Start my reply above the quote.

Compose messages in

You can specify in which format messages are composed. Possible values: Plain text, HTML.

Default font size

You can select a default font size from 8 to 72px.

Display remote inline images

You can specify when embedded images are displayed in messages. Possible values: Never, Always.

Auto save every ...

You can specify how often (in minutes) messages are saved as drafts.