Adding a account to your email client

You can add your account to an email client of your choice.

Your account can be added to the most common email clients so you can access your mail service and synchronize your account data the usual way. There are two basic options:

  1. Preferred addition method: For each client, there is a method that is easier and more automatized than the others. Whenever possible, these methods should be used as a first option. In this manual, they are presented first for each client. Currently, these are the methods involving Exchange ActiveSync for Gmail and Outlook, Autoconfig for Thunderbird and the configuration with a .mobileconfig file for Apple Mail.
  2. Secondary addition methods: These methods should only be used as a fallback option when the preferred ones are not available. In this manual, they are described after the preferred methods for every client and operating system in descending order of priority.

The following sections explain how to add your account to the most common email clients and operating systems: