Exporting Emails


All emails marked as private are also exported and are therefore visible again. You can find further information on emails marked as private in Email Actions.

  1. Click on Export in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on your username to open the domain selection.
  3. Click on the desired domain in the domain selection and confirm with OK.

    You can search for domains or select them directly from the window. Using the arrows, you can go forwards and backwards.

    Figure 1: Domain selection
  4. In the following window, define the following:
    1. The period:

      Click on the date, to select a date from the calendar.

      You can reset the selection to the right of the date fields.


      The date selection covers whole months. Thus all emails of an entire month are exported, even if a single day is selected.

      Example 1: If you select the period of April 1st to April 25th, all emails from April are exported.

      Example 2: If you select the period of August 15th to September 15th, all emails from August and September are exported.

    2. Users:

      You can search for specific users or add all users of the selected domain. Click on the checkbox, to switch the search to postbox users (GUID).

    3. Output format:

      You can choose between the output formats PST, EML and mbox.

  5. Enter an email address for notifications.
  6. Attention:

    Exporting emails will increase costs according to the price list.

    Click on Export.
    Figure 2: Exporting Emails

You are forwarded to the Tasks window and can see the progress of the export task in the status column.


The export duration depends on the size of the emails.