Referring to Encryption Methods in the Subject

In the subject of encrypted emails, you can refer to the encryption method used.

You have activated Email Encryption.

You can automatically label emails that are encrypted with TLS, S/MIME, PGP or Websafe in the subject. To do so, create references for the encryption methods. You can use any texts for the references. The references are automatically added to the subject of all incoming emails encrypted with those encryption methods.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. From the scope selection, select the domain for which you would like to activate Email Encryption.
  3. Navigate to Security Settings > Email Encryption.
  4. Select the tab Encryption Policies.
  5. Enter the text for the reference in the field of the encryption method under Reference to encryption method in the subject line.

    You can only create references for activated encryption methods.

    The references are applied only to incoming emails.

    Figure 1: Enter reference
  6. Click on Confirm next to the field.

You have created a reference for an encryption method. From now on, the reference will be added to the subject of all incoming emails for your domain that are encrypted with this encryption method.