Editing a Rule

You can edit existing rules.

You have added rules to Email Encryption.

You can edit existing rules at a later stage.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. From the scope selection, select the domain for which you would like to activate Email Encryption.
  3. Navigate to Security Settings > Email Encryption.
  4. Select the tab Encryption Policies.
  5. In the list of rules for incoming or outgoing emails, click on the menu arrow next to the rule you would like to edit.
    Figure 1: Select rule

    A menu opens.

  6. Click on Edit.
    Figure 2: Edit rule

    A menu with the current rule settings opens.

  7. Edit the settings as desired. For more information, see Adding a Rule.
  8. Click on Apply changes.

    The changes are applied.

You have edited a rule.