The Hornetsecurity Websafe is a method that allows you to send encrypted emails to recipients who do not support any other encryption methods.

The emails are sent to the Hornetsecurity Websafe and stored there. After that, the communication partner receives an email with login credentials to his private Websafe. The recipient must then complete his registration by entering a PIN, a password, and the answer to a security question. Generally, the recipient also enters his mobile phone number to receive the registration PIN for his Websafe account. Later, other PINs can be sent to this mobile phone number to restore access to the Websafe account in certain situations.

The Websafe account is automatically created for the recipient and can be used for future emails. Messages remain stored in the Websafe for three months and are automatically deleted afterward.


The sender receives email notifications in various situations. Some of these emails contain information that the sender must pass on to the recipient by another means of his choice:

  • If the recipient registers without providing his mobile phone number, the sender will receive the PIN required for registering the Websafe account. The sender must pass this PIN on to the recipient.
  • If the recipient has changed his mobile phone number and forgotten the answer to his security question, the sender will receive an email with a link that can be used by the recipient to restore access to his account. The sender must pass this link on to the recipient.
  • If the sender has requested a return receipt when sending an email, he will receive a notification once the recipient has read the email in the Websafe.
  • In older Websafe versions, the sender will receive a notification with a PIN whenever he sends a Websafe-encrypted email to the recipient. The recipient can use this PIN to restore access to his Websafe account. The sender must pass this PIN on to the recipient only upon request.