Rule order

The rules are sorted according to their priority and are processed in this order.

Each rule is assigned a number indicating its priority. The higher the number, the lower the priority of the rule. The rules are arranged in the lists under Security Settings > Email Encryption according to their priority.

Figure 1: Rule order

For each incoming and outgoing email of your domain, the Email Encryption checks whether an active rule applies to it. The rules are processed in descending order of priority. As soon as a rule can apply to the email, it is applied to the email. Further processing of the rules is stopped. No further rule is applied to the email.

If no rule applies, the email is processed as follows:
  • If TLS is supported, the email is transmitted encrypted with TLS.
  • If TLS encryption is not possible, the email is sent with SMTP. If you have activated S/MIME and you have the recipient's public key, the email is additionally encrypted with S/MIME.