S/MIME Users

Email Encryption allows you to manage the S/MIME certificates of your users.

To request S/MIME certificates for users of your domain, add the users as S/MIME users (see Adding S/MIME Users). By ordering the certificate, an annually cancelable subscription is purchased for each S/MIME user. The subscriptions are charged annually. With a subscription, S/MIME certificates are automatically renewed. As long as a user of your domain has a subscription, a new certificate will be automatically ordered for him in time before his current S/MIME certificate expires. You can cancel the subscription up to three months before the end of the current subscription year (see Canceling a Subscription). The subscription will then only be valid until the end of the current subscription year.

After canceling the subscription, you can order a new subscription at any time (see Ordering a Subscription). Any S/MIME certificates that have not yet expired will remain valid.

Information regarding S/MIME users is displayed in a table (see Information about S/MIME Users). You can export data of the S/MIME users as a CSV file (see Exporting S/MIME Users as a CSV File).