Importing Recipients from a CSV file

You can import recipients for the monthly report from a CSV file.

Once a month, a report with the email statistics of the past month is sent to selected recipients for each domain. You can import new recipients from a CSV file. The CSV file can contain both users of the domain and external mailboxes.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. From the scope selection, select the domain for whose monthly report you would like to define recipients.
  3. Navigate to Reporting & Compliance > Email Statistics.
  4. Click on Send by email.
    Figure 1: Open monthly report settings

    The settings of the monthly report are displayed.

  5. Click on Import list from CSV file.
    Figure 2: Import list from CSV file

    A file selection window opens.

  6. Important:

    To ensure that an external CSV file can be imported into the Control Panel without errors, rules regarding the file format, structure of its contents as well as a valid syntax must be observed (see CSV Files for Recipient Import).

    Select the desired CSV file.

    The email addresses from the CSV file are added to the list of recipients.

Monthly report recipients have been imported from a CSV file.