Setting a DMARC Record

You can set a DMARC Record in the DNS zone of your domain. The DMARC record is required for DMARC validations.

A DMARC record is required to perform DMARC validations for emails from a domain. You can set a DMARC record for your domain.

  1. Create a TXT record with the following name in the DNS zone of your domain. Replace <domain.tld> with your domain.
  2. Define the DMARC policy according to the following sample pattern in the TXT record. Replace <username@domain.tld> with an email address.

    The chapter Setting a DMARC Record provides an overview and explanation of the tags that can be used in DMARC records.


    The specifications from the DMARC record are applied to emails sent to recipients outside the domain. The settings for emails sent to recipients within the domain can be configured in the Email Authentication module.

A DMARC record has been set in the DNS zone of the domain.