Adding Exceptions

Add exceptions to Email Authentication.

You have activated sender authentication methods in the Email Authentication module.

If you have activated the SPF check, the DKIM validation, and/or the DMARC validation and would like to deactivate these for one of your domains, add an exception.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. Select your domain from the scope selection.
  3. Navigate to Security Settings > Email Authentication.
  4. Click on Add exception under Exceptions.
    Figure 1: Add exception

    An extended view opens.

    Figure 2: Extended view
  5. Under Domain, select the domain for which you would like to add the exception.

    You can only select domains for which Spam and Malware Protection is activated.

  6. Activate the checkbox under the name of the check that you would like to deactivate for the domain.

    You can only deactivate the SPF check, the DKIM validation or the DMARC validation for a domain if the domain has the corresponding valid DNS settings. For all other domains, no checks are performed.

  7. Click on Add.

    The exception is added and appears in the table below.

You have added an exception to Email Authentication.