SPF Check

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a sender authentication method that checks whether the sender address of an email has been faked.

With an SPF check, the incoming server checks whether an incoming email has been sent by an authorized server. For this purpose, the incoming server checks whether the IP address of the outgoing server is registered in an SPF record in the DNS zone of the sender’s domain. An SPF record contains the IP addresses of the servers that are authorized to send emails from a domain.

For more information about the logic of the SPF check, see SPF Check Logic.

You can set up the SPF check for incoming emails of your domains. To do so, first set the SPF records for all your domains to which outgoing emails SPF checks shall be applied. Then activate the SPF check (see Activating the SPF Check) and configure the advanced options (see Configuring Advanced Options for SPF Check).

You can also learn how to solve SPF check errors (see Troubleshooting).