Methods for Sender Authentication

You can activate different methods for the authentication of email senders for your domains.

You can choose from the following methods:

These methods enhance the protection of your company's email infrastructure against spam and phishing. You can use these methods individually or combine them.

Combining several methods delivers the best protection. For instance, on servers that only use DKIM, spam can be distributed by an email with a valid DKIM signature. As long as this email is not altered, the email can be sent with a valid DKIM signature in bulk to different people. To prevent this, SPF can be added. SPF checks the origin of the email. The IP address and the domain name of the mail server are checked. SPF rejects emails from unauthorized servers. This prevents the distribution of spam via emails with a valid DKIM signature.

Furthermore, you can exclude some of your domains from the application of these methods by defining exceptions (see Adding Exceptions).

Emails for which an SPF check, a DKIM validation or a DMARC validation has failed are displayed in the Control Panel, see Emails in the Control Panel.