Customizing the Control Panel

You can customize the appearance of the website of the Control Panel and the progressive web app and define a new URL and a new name for them.

You can customize the URL and the appearance of the Control Panel by entering a URL of your domain and by incorporating your corporate colors, your logo and your favicon.

  1. Choose a URL of your domain for the Control Panel and configure a redirection to in a CNAME record, in the DNS zone of your domain.

    In the next example, a CNAME record is set for IN CNAME
  2. Customize the appearance and the URL of the Control Panel website (see Customizing the Appearance and URL of the Control Panel).
  3. Customize the app name and the app icon of the progressive web app to match the design of your company (see Customizing the Progressive Web App).
  4. Add the support information (phone number and email address) to be displayed to the users in the Control Panel (see Adding Support Information to the Control Panel).
    Figure 1: Contact data in the Control Panel

    This setting is independent of the Control Panel customization, which requires an additional fee. The contact data that is specified here is also displayed in the default version of the Control Panel.

  5. Attention:

    Creating a customized version of the Control Panel will increase costs according to the price list.


    Make sure that you have entered all data and the URL for your customized Control Panel in the module Whitelabeling.

    To implement the customization of the Control Panel with the data and files you have provided, contact our support.

The Control Panel has been customized.