Adding Support Information to the Control Panel

You can add support information to be displayed to the users in the Control Panel.

You can add the support information of your company for it to be displayed to the users in the Control Panel. This setting is independent of the Control Panel customization, which requires an additional fee. The data that is specified here is also displayed in the default version of the Control Panel.


A partner’s settings are also applied to their sub-partners and customers if the sub-partners and customers have not changed any settings themselves.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. From the scope selection, select the partner or customer that you would like to customize.
  3. Navigate to Whitelabeling > Support information.
    Figure 1: Select support information
  4. Enter the support phone number of your company in the field Support phone number.

    If one of the fields described here is empty for a customer or partner, the value set by the next parent partner will be used for this field. If this field is empty for all parent partners, the default values of the Control Panel are used.

  5. Enter the support email address of your company in the field Support email address.
    Figure 2: Add support information
  6. Click on Save.

The support information has been added to the Control Panel.