Control Panel Customization (Whitelabel)

You can customize the Control Panel to embed your company's color, logo and favicon. You can also change the name and the icon of the Progressive Web App.

Furthermore, you can select a theme for your Control Panel and add support and email information.

The customization is displayed to all users logging in to the domain you provide.


Using a whitelabeled Control Panel will increase costs according to the price list.


If you have not saved any settings for your domain in one of the tabs of the Whitelabeling module, the settings of the next parent partner who has made settings there will be applied to your domain. If no settings have been saved at the level of your partner or its parent partner, no whitelabeling will be applied.

Fill in all fields before saving the settings in a tab of the Whitelabeling module. Once you have saved the settings, the content of the empty fields will also be displayed in the whitelabeling templates.