Control Panel Customization

The Customization module allows you to customize the Control Panel and the emails sent by the Control Panel for your customers.

In the module Customization, you can customize the Control Panel on two levels.

On the one hand, you can determine the appearance of emails sent by the Control Panel (see Customizing the Email Template), and store your own contact details in them (see Customizing Email Information).

On the other hand, you can customize the appearance of both the website of the Control Panel and the progressive web app and define a new URL and a new name for them (see Customizing the Control Panel).

The customization is displayed to all users who log in via the domain you specified.


Using a customized Control Panel will increase costs according to the price list.


If you have not saved any settings for your domain in one of the tabs of the Whitelabeling module, the settings of the parent partner who has made changes to their settings, will be applied to your domain. If no settings have been saved at the level of your partner or its parent partner, no customization will be made.


Enter your support information (see Adding Support Information to the Control Panel) even if you do not use other customization options. The support information is displayed for your users in the Control Panel.