Activating Archiving

You can activate Archiving to archive the incoming and outgoing emails of your domains.

You have activated Spam and Malware Protection.

With Archiving, the incoming and outgoing emails of a primary domain and its alias domains can be archived. You can activate Archiving for your domains.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. From the scope selection, select the the primary domain for which you would like to activate Archiving.
  3. Navigate to Security Settings > Archiving.
  4. Toggle the switch Activate Archiving for all domains.
    Figure 1: Activating Archiving

    A confirmation window opens.

  5. Attention:

    Once Archiving is activated, a 30-day free trial period starts. Once the trial period has expired, the service becomes chargeable and your account is billed.


    Administrators cannot deactivate Archiving by themselves. Only support can deactivate Archiving for the domains.

    Click on Confirm.
    Figure 2: Confirm

    The settings in the module are enabled.

Archiving has been activated for the primary domain and all its alias domains. All emails received and sent from the domains from this point on will be archived for 10 years by default.

Next, you can add exceptions (see Adding Exceptions) and adjust the user settings (see Adjusting the User Settings).