Email Categories

Your emails are divided into the following categories:

Table 1. Email categories




These emails are assumed to be desired by the recipient and not to pose any danger.


These emails are promotional. Infomail includes newsletters that are sent by email. You can classify these emails as Spam or Clean. In the following cases, an email is not directly classified as Clean, but as Infomail:

  • This email was sent from a well-known newsletter sender.
  • Newsletters are sent out regularly from the sender's IP range.
  • This email contains a keyword or string that points to a newsletter.
  • The email has several characteristics that in combination point to a newsletter.

These emails are unwanted and are often promotional or fraudulent. The emails are sent simultaneously to a large number of recipients.


These emails have an invalid attachment. The administrators define in the Content Control module which attachments are invalid.


These emails contain dangerous content, such as malicious attachments or links, or they are sent to commit crimes, such as phishing.


Advanced Threat Protection has detected a threat in these emails. The emails are used for illegal purposes and involve sophisticated technical means that can only be fended off using advanced dynamic procedures.


Our email server rejects these emails directly during the SMTP dialog because of external characteristics, such as the identity of the sender, and the emails are not analyzed further.