Field Filters

You can apply the filters Date, Direction, Encryption, Delivery status, and Size to your emails.

Table 1. Filter




Select a time interval from the drop-down menu or define a custom range. The default setting is Today.

If a time interval (Last month, This year, etc.) is selected, the time zone UTC is applied regardless of the user’s settings. Thus, if a different time zone than UTC is set for the user, emails from the last calendar day before the selected time interval may also be displayed among the results.


Select the direction of the emails to be displayed. The default setting is to display both directions.


Limit the displayed emails to a certain encryption method. You can also select multiple encryption methods.

Delivery status

Specify the status of the emails to be displayed. You can choose from: Delivered, Deferred, Rejected and No status.


Limit the emails to different sizes. Select the size from the drop-down menu.