Email Fields

The email fields contain details about each email.

The following table describes the email fields shown in the email display and the email details.

DateThe date and time when the email was sent. Depending on the selected time zone. 
Communication partnerThe owner’s communication partner. Sender or receiver of emails to/from the owner. 
Direction <>Incoming or outgoing message from the owner’s point of view. 
OwnerThe email was sent or received by the owner. 
SubjectThe subject of the email. 
EncryptionEncryption type of the email. The lock only shows, whether the email is encrypted or not. You can see the encryption type in the email details. 
StatusIndicates, whether the email is delivered, deferred or rejected. 
SizeSize of the email. 
ReasonThe reason, why the email has been classified as spam, virus etc. 
msg IDInternal id of the email. 
source HostnameOutgoing server hostname. 
destination HostnameIncoming server hostname. 
GatewayThe gateway. 
source IPSender’s IP address. 
destination IPReceiver’s IP address. (Only for delivered emails) 
message IDThe id of the email. 
ConnectDepending on the direction of the email, the hostname of the incoming or outgoing mail server is shown. 
SMTP codeShows the last row of the SMTP dialog.