Email Actions

For emails in Email Live Tracking, various actions, such as blacklisting, can be performed.

The actions are described in the following table.


The availability of the email actions depends on which actions have been enabled by the administrator and which products have been activated.

Deliver emailThe selected emails are delivered, triggering a process of re-evaluation of the classification on our part. This option can always be applied to emails classified as Clean and Infomail if you have booked Archiving. For emails classified as Spam, Content, Virus, and ATP, the option is independent from Archiving. However, the option is only available for emails with these classifications if the administrator has enabled the delivery. The additional line x-hornetsecurity-delivered: is added to the headers of the delivered emails, containing information about the role of the user who triggered this action. Support employees of Hornetsecurity, partners, customers and basic users are tagged with the words support, reseller, admin and user, respectively. 
Report as spamThe selected emails are classified as spam, and the support and quality management system is informed. This is the preferred method of dealing with spam emails. 
Report as infomailThe selected emails are classified as infomail. The options for dealing with infomail are individually adjustable. 
Blacklist senderThe senders of the selected emails are added to the user's black list. Any future emails from these senders will be automatically classified as spam. 
Whitelist & deliverThe senders of the selected emails are added to the user’s white list and the emails are delivered. All other emails from the senders will be automatically delivered. 
Blacklist for all usersThe senders of the selected emails are added to the black list for all users of the domain and incoming emails are classified as spam. 
Whitelist for all usersThe senders of the selected emails are added to the white list for all users. All incoming emails from the senders will be automatically delivered. 
Send email to adminThe selected emails are sent to the email address of the person the role admin has been assigned to under Service Dashboard > Role management and contacts. 
Mark as privateThe selected emails are treated as private emails. Thus, the access to them is blocked and can only be restored by the support. With an audit access, emails marked as private cannot be read. However, emails marked as private are exported with the Aeternum Export Manager. 

The blacklist and whitelist entries are processed in the following order:

  • Administrator black list
  • Administrator white list
  • User black list
  • User white list
An administrator adds the account to the global black list. A user adds the same account to his white list. All emails from the account will be delivered to the user, but not to any users who have not whitelisted the account.