Email Live Tracking is divided into the following three sections: filter, email view and category statistics.


You can filter your emails in different ways. The filters are explained in the filter functions.

Figure 1: Filter selection

Email view

The email view is the main window of Email Live Tracking. Here, all emails are displayed. The previously selected filters determine the emails to be displayed.

Figure 2: Email view

You can customize the view individually (see Customizing Email Fields).

All emails that match your filter settings can be exported with the function . You can select the fields to be exported.

Extensive email lists can be searched with the scroll function . The scroll function is located in the center of the lower display area. By selecting the arrow at the bottom right, the statistics can be hidden and displayed.

Category statistics

The emails in the email view are assessed by category and displayed in the statistics. The statistics can be hidden and displayed using the arrow in the lower right area of the email view.


The applied filters are included in the statistics.

Figure 3: Category statistics