Advanced Search

With the full text search, all email fields are searched in Email Live Tracking. It is also possible to search combinations of individual email fields.

Defining queries, the search is completing and you can search for word beginnings. It is not intended to search within words.

For each individual field, there are delimiters to separate words.

The following table shows examples for valid and invalid queries as well as the delimiters for the individual fields. The delimiters for the specified email fields are also described.

Table 1. Examples for complex search queries




Valid search query

Invalid search query

Email address

“@” and last “.”

info; test; com

o@test; nfo@


“-” and “.”

gate; rz01; test; com

eway; 07; 01;



text.txt; image.jpg

text.txt; image.jpg

text; txt; xt; mage; image; jpg; pg


Special character

We ensure that your online communications are both smooth and secure.

ensure; secure; online

nsure; ecure; nline;



linktag: lt_exprx_15_10_442: auto

linktag; lt_exprx; auto

tag; exprx; 10_442