Creating Deny and Allow List Entries

Adding entries to the deny list or allow list.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel.
  2. From the scope selection, select the domain or user you want to create a deny or allow list entry for.

    It is no longer possible to create Deny and Allow List Entries at partner level or for groups.


    If you have not selected a scope from the selection, the user you logged in with is selected.

  3. Navigate to Deny & Allow Lists.
    Figure 1: Allow & Deny Lists module
  4. Select the tab with the corresponding list:
    • Deny List

    • Allow List

  5. Click on Add entry.

    An input field opens.

  6. Enter an email address, a domain or an IP address in the input field.

    If entering a domain name, use the following syntax: domainname.tld


    The allow list entry for a domain does not apply to its subdomains. Create separate allow list entries for the subdomains.

    Example: A user has added to the allow list and receives an email from the subdomain The allow list entry for is not applied to the incoming email.

    Figure 2: Domain deny list entry

    Figure 3: Deny list entry for a user

  7. Click on Add.

    The entry is displayed in the list in the lower part of the module.