Editing the Basic Data of a Mailbox

Edit the basic data of a mailbox.

You can add basic data to mailboxes. The basic data contains information about the owner of a mailbox.


For Microsoft 365 mailboxes and mailboxes that are synchronized via LDAP, you cannot edit the basic data in the Control Panel. If basic data for a mailbox is specified in Microsoft 365 or LDAP, this data is displayed in the Control Panel.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. Select the customer from the scope selection.
  3. Navigate to Customer Settings > Mailboxes.
  4. Click on the menu arrow next to the mailbox for which you want to edit the basic data.
  5. Click on Basic data.

    A form is displayed.

    Figure 1: Basic data
  6. Note:

    All fields are optional.

    Enter the data of the user who owns the mailbox in the form. The fields have the following meanings:
    • First name: the user’s first name
    • Last name: the user’s last name
    • Display name: the user’s display name in the Control Panel
    • Country/Region: country or region where the user’s company is based
    • State: state where the user’s company is based
    • Postal code: postal code of the user’s company
    • City: city where the user’s company is based
    • Street, number: street and house number where the user’s company is based
    • Department: department to which the user belongs
    • Office: office in which the user works
    • Phone (business): the user’s business phone number
    • Mobile phone: the user’s mobile phone number
    • Fax: the user’s fax number
  7. Click on Apply changes.

    The changes are saved.

You have edited the basic data of a mailbox.