Managing members

Manage the members of an existing group.

  1. Navigate to Customer Settings > Groups and click on the arrow for the desired group.
    Figure 1: Open groups menu
  2. Click on Manage members.

    A drop-down menu with two windows will open, showing all registered mailboxes (left) and all mailboxes assigned to the group (right).

    Figure 2: Manage group members

  3. Manage the members of a group:
    • If you want to add more members to the group, click on the members to be added in the Mailboxes (left) window. You can also import existing group lists as a CSV file (see Importing Group Members from a CSV File).

    • If you want to remove already existing members from the group, click within the window Assigned to group (right) on the group members to be removed.

    You have assigned or removed members from the selected group.

  4. Click on Apply changes to save the updated group.

You have successfully managed the group.