Exporting groups as a CSV file

Export groups as a CSV file.

You have created a group.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your administrative credentials.
  2. Select a domain from the scope selection.
  3. Navigate to Customer Settings > Groups
  4. Click on Export as CSV.

    An extended view opens.

    Figure 1: Select data for the export
  5. Under Data export, activate the checkboxes of the data you would like to export.
    • Name

      : The names of the groups are exported.

    • Description

      : The descriptions of the groups are exported.

    • Select/deselect all

      : All previously described checkboxes are activated or deactivated.

  6. Optional: If you only want to export data of selected groups, proceed as follows:
    1. Click on at the top of the module.

      A column with checkboxes is displayed in the table.

    2. Check the checkboxes of the rows from which you would like to export data.
      Figure 2: Select rows

      The checkbox Export selected rows only is enabled in the extended view.

    3. Check the enabled checkbox Export selected rows only.
      Figure 3: Export selected rows
  7. Optional: Select under Data export whether you want to export both the Name and the Description column.
    Figure 4: Select columns
  8. Under Export type, select if the CSV file should be made available for download or delivered by email.
    • Download

      : The CSV file is provided as download.

    • By email

      : The CSV file is sent by email.

    Figure 5: Select export type
  9. Click on Export.

You have exported the data as a CSV file.