Creating a Group and Adding Members Individually

Create a new group from existing mailboxes.

  1. Navigate to Customer Settings > Groups.
  2. Click on Add.

    A drop-down menu opens.

    Figure 1: Add a new group
  3. Enter a group name under Name.
  4. Optional: Describe the group in the Description field.
  5. Under Mailboxes, select at least one mailbox to add to the group. To add a mailbox to the group, click on the mailbox.
    Figure 2: Add a single mailbox

    You can import an existing list of members from a CSV file (see Importing Group Members from a CSV File). With each import, you can only import members for a single group.

    The selected mailbox is displayed in the window Assigned to group.

  6. Click on Add to combine the selected mailboxes into one group.

You added the selected mailboxes to a group.