Adding an Alias Address

You can add alias addresses to a primary mailbox free of charge.

An alias address is assigned to a primary mailbox. The owner of a primary mailbox can see both the emails of the primary mailbox and the emails of the alias addresses in the Email Live Tracking module. You can add several alias addresses to a primary mailbox. Alias addresses are free of charge.


Alias addresses cannot be added to Microsoft 365 mailboxes and mailboxes synchronized via LDAP.

  1. Navigate to Customer Settings > Mailboxes.
  2. Click on the menu arrow next to the mailbox to which you want to add an alias address.
    Figure 1: Open menu

    A menu opens.

  3. Click on Aliases.

    A menu opens.

  4. Enter the desired alias under Alias, followed by the domain, and click on .
    Figure 2: Enter an alias address

    The alias address is added.

    Figure 3: Added alias address

An alias address is added to a primary mailbox.