Under Mailboxes, all mailboxes registered under your domain are displayed.

Mailboxes are the license basis for all services. In addition to a primary mailbox, several associated alias addresses can be created free of charge (see Adding an Alias Address).

The existing mailboxes can be sorted by their type and their environment. The drop-down menu All types allows you to filter the mailboxes by their type. The following types are available:

  • Mailbox
  • Functional mailbox
  • Forward mailbox
  • Administration mailbox
Figure 1: Filtering by type
For 365 Total Protection customers, the following additional mailbox types are available:
  • Microsoft 365 mailbox
  • Microsoft 365 functional mailbox
  • Microsoft 365 administration mailbox
You cannot filter by these mailbox types directly. You can only filter by the general mailbox types in the drop-down menu All types. If you filter by a mailbox type, all Microsoft 365 mailboxes and manually created mailboxes of this type are displayed together. If you filter, for instance, by the mailbox type Functional mailbox, mailboxes of the type Microsoft 365 functional mailbox are also displayed.

The drop-down menu All environments allows you to filter the mailboxes by their environment. The drop-down menu contains the primary environment and all secondary environments of the domain.

Figure 2: Filtering by environment

The stored data can be exported as a CSV file and imported again at suitable locations Importing Mailboxes from a CSV File.

You can use the following functions to manage and edit mailboxes:

Table 1. Manage mailboxes




Location & language Change of the location and the language of the mailbox (see Setting the Location and Language of a Mailbox)
Basic data

User data configuration (see Editing the Basic Data of a Mailbox)

Change environment

Change of the environment of a mailbox (see Changing an Environment)

Change password

Password change (see Changing a Password)




Activation or deactivation of the mailbox (see Activating or Deactivating a Mailbox)


Addition of alias addresses to primary mailboxes (see Adding an Alias Address)


Addition of delegates to mailboxes (see Entering a Delegate)

Quarantine Report

Configuration of the Quarantine Report (see Configuring the Quarantine Report for a Mailbox)


Removal of the mailbox (see Removing a Mailbox)

Some of these functions cannot be applied to Microsoft 365 mailboxes and mailboxes that are synchronized with LDAP, or can only be applied to a limited extent. This is pointed out in the chapters on the affected functions. The restrictions to Microsoft 365 mailboxes are explained in the chapter Management of Mailboxes.